Stories from the Farm

Here is a collection of writings, stories and our latest news from the The Resonant Horse farm.

We Have Been A Little Quiet!

Just because TRH blog has been quiet, it does not mean that things are NOT HAPPENING here at the farm!! And, BOY, are they  happening!First, we have made the decision to sell the farm and downsize the operation. TRH is NOT closing its doors. Just

To Every Thing There Is A Season

"To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven." Eccles. 3:1 Probably one of the most often quoted verses from the Bible, don't you think? It explains, in such a succinct way, that life happens. And, when it does, there is a


Can you see this image? Is it one horse? Or two? Look closer! It is TWO horses, standing side by side. This is Duke and Jem, both stunning chestnuts with hair color almost identical. They look like twins, they are so closely collaborating together! Collaboration is


We are living in times of deep uncertainly, conflict and dissonance. So much is unknown, even when we think we know our next step. How do we counteract such thoughts and stances? What can offer us peace, and a way to stop the demands that press against us

Grace, Ease and Joy

Just take a look at this picture! This is of Honey Bear, shameless in all of her un-modest glory! She is taking a nap on the pool deck. It appears that she does not have a care in the world, right? Here she is, a three

What is YOUR “WHY?”

Many in today's world of marketing have found a secret. The secret is NOT to tell others about what you do. I know, hard to believe, right? Rather, the pivotal question one should be asking is, "What is your WHY?" Simon Sinek even gave a great TEDX Talk

Don’t Give In!

Remember this view during the winter? This was how my world looked, all winter long: This represents a moment in time when I reached my low point. I had gotten so stuck in the mud, which was EVERYWHERE, by the way, that I had to call

“Gifted”–Not In The Usual Sense!

Taking care of a horse farm is a calling, for sure. NO surprise there. Every once in a while, I do something that originally might not be the best idea. That is when I tell myself I am "gifted." My tribe peeps usually know when

“Don’t Push The River”

"Don't push the river, it flows by itself." Fritz Perls I have just returned from an extremely transformative weekend, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Gestalt Institute. It came at the perfect time