Makin’ History!

Wisdom From The Herd TRH is a way of being, of relating to others in the world around you, through the wisdom and knowledge gained through interactions with horses. -Mindy Tatz Chernoff You must dream a dream before it can become a reality. And, the dream you dream

Across the Airwaves!

The Resonant Horse recently had the opportunity to speak with Charlie Lobosco and Eva Lewandowski-of the very popular "Corporate Talk Radio" Show out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The clip is here for you listening pleasure. Enjoy!         I

Across the Airwaves!

WELCOME! Last week, I had the opportunity to chime in on a live segment with Charlie and Eva-of Corporate Talk Radio show fame! the segment was on effective communication in the corporate workplace. Of course, there is NOTHING better than partnering with horses to increase your

Touching Lives

Being of service to others can look many different ways. Here is one of my most recent ways of offering service: One of my dear friends asked me to send the book to Larry Butler, who has been involved with Warner Brothers for over 20 years.