Why We Cannot Stop

Quote of the Month Blaise Pascal says that all of man's troubles come from an inability to   sit in a room alone.   Responding to my quote of the month, I am not sure our troubles come from an inabilty to sit in a room alone, but

It’s Still Winter!!

  The east coast is preparing for a strong winter storm, which is making its way towards the Philadelphia area late Monday night. WhIle it entails a lot of work here on the farm, caring for the horses, stalls, plowing, etc., there is also a gift

How Horses Change Our Brains!!

"Recent neuroscience suggests that learning to let go of what we're clinging to, mentally as well as emotionally, actually catalyzes some revolutionary-and evolutionary-changes in our neural wiring." Richard Rohr. One more reason why hanging with horses is so beneficial. They woo us to linger, rest and