Unexpected Surprises!

Unexpected Surprises!

Last Friday was a busy day, a very busy day. I had an airbnb guest who left, and another one who was checking in the same day, that afternoon. I do not often have to “turn over” a room the same day, but on that day, I did. I had a heap of barn work, due to the 90 degree heat-horses were all inside, in front of the fans. I had mowing to do, marketing to work on…you get the drift–I was busy. By the afternoon, I was pooped. My girlfriend invited me to go out in the evening, to a Comedy Club-which, since I love to laugh, I am usually up for going. However, this night, I was completely indecisive. Part of it was due to my weariness. Part of it was because I felt I needed to get out…I had been working hard all day, and I needed the company. I needed a change of scenery. I could not decide.
Normally speaking, I am not the type of person who is indecisive, I usually can make decisions and be content with them. I trust that there is always a higher purpose to all my endeavors, and I do my best to live in that place of trust and faith knowing I am being carried.
Carl Jung had said it very well–on the doorpost of his home, he had this plaque: “Bidden or not bidden, God is present.”
It is easy to read something like that, not so easy to always put it into practice. In addition I had a bit of self judgement, you know the kind; “Why can’t you make up your mind? Is it THAT difficult?” Having lived with a judgmental mindset for years, I notice when it rears its ugly head. So, here I was, having judgement towards myself about being judgmental! Something HAD to change!
Finally, I decided to remain home. Not knowing why, I just trusted and rested with that decision. I went out to take care of the evening horse feed, lingering at the barn, since I was in no rush to go out. After all, I was planning to stay put. Soon after that, one of my students, who had started riding with me when she was 5 years old, called me. She asked if she, her boyfriend and her sister could come and swim in the pool that night. Of course I said yes. As I finished my barn work, her boyfriend arrived first. Sitting down in the tack room, we began to chat. He mentioned to me that they had important plans for the next day, which had fallen through. So, he was planning to propose to her tonite. At the barn, which was her favorite place in the entire world. In just a few minutes. I was dumbstruck. What an incredible event that was about to transpire! Here! At the Barn!! And, to think that I almost would have missed it!! I gave a huge sigh, so grateful that even though I did not know the way right in front of me, Someone else certainly did.
I had to go through all the indecision to come to a decision that even as I made the decision, I had no clue it was the right decision! Indeed, it was the perfect decision! How wonderful to be a part of the future of this lovely couple!!

Maryelyse and Jordan engagement

Here is the moment, with Coffee present! Her favorite horse!
My point in all of this is: We simply do NOT know what is in store for our future. All is unknown. HOWEVER, if one trusts their gut, has faith in their decision, and is willing to be with a bit of discomfort at times, it is very possible that amazing events can and will transpire.
What amazing things are unfolding in YOUR life? We want to hear!! Remember, The Resonant Horse is here for YOU! We have Workshops happening, Horse Circles happening, almost on a weekly basis! Come and visit!!

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