What is YOUR “WHY?”

What is YOUR “WHY?”

Many in today’s world of marketing have found a secret. The secret is NOT to tell others about what you do.
I know, hard to believe, right? Rather, the pivotal question one should be asking is, “What is your WHY?”
Simon Sinek even gave a great TEDX Talk on the subject.

So…What IS your Why? Here is mine…A story few, if any, have heard.

Until now.

Only 4 minutes long, it shows rather well what my personal “WHY” is. At its conclusion, there is a second video,  which explains the “What” behind the why. Meant to be viewed, one after the other. Enjoy!

Driveway of Dreams
The Interview:https://youtu.be/B6LvwPRfXuI
Need help discerning your “WHY?” The horses and I can help!!

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