A Time For Everything

A Time For Everything

Greetings! How are you holding up during the “new normal” we are all experiencing? I find myself doing bursts of activity, and then total down time, where it appears I am doing nothing. I say “appears” because even in times of inertia, growth can happen. Growth is always happening!
Recently, I headed out to the pasture to be with the horses. I had four of them out there, with 5 hay piles in a big circle. I took a chair and sat in the middle of them. (Kind of my own private horse circle!) I was experiencing a lot of challenging feelings– sadness, loss, along with hope and trust. I wanted to be with the horses, to feel my feelings and to get a bit of wisdom from them.

And so, I sat.
I sat as they munched their hay.
I sat as they moved from pile to pile, eventually staking their ground and staying in one spot to eat from their pile. I noticed and felt the calm that results from them doing what they were created to do in that moment…eating and being present. Slowly the sense of time and place came into my thoughts. The horses were doing what they were created to do in the moment. As am I. No worries, no focus on “crisis in the moment” kind of thinking. Present and aware of time and place. The only other possible interference would come from PACE. The pacewith which one lives, the pace at which one feels the need for something, anything to happen. Or, possibly not to happen. You know, suffering has been described as: When we want something different than what is happening in the moment to happen. 
We can be content with the time and place of where we are presently at. However, the PACE of things…that is where, in my case, my discomfort appears. And so I continue to sit, to be with the horses. Perhaps as I pause and linger with them, I will gain the grace to say “yes” to the PaceThat is my intention.

If YOU need some support in accepting the PACE of your life…join us! Here are some of our offerings:
1. Our next horse circle is this week,  Sept. 3rd, Thursday, 6:00 to 7:30 pm. In case of rain, it will be postponed. Our next one will be Saturday, September, 12th, 6:00-7:30pm.
2. Our most recent podcast was launched…Get a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy!! Kathy Millbeck was the guest, Psychiatrist, E3A Master Trainer, and amazing human!! Here is the link for you:
3. For families with young children, we are offering “Storytime with a horse or a turkey.” The child brings their favorite book and reads it to the animals. A real hit!! Contact Debra Beach for more info: 610-71606972. Social distancing will be in place.

4. We are continuing to offer “The Grace Trail,” a totally self guided trail around the farm to gain resiliency, grace and strength. PERFECT for the time we are living in!! All outdoors, so social distancing is in place. Treat yourself to an hour, and possibly change your life!
5. As always we offer one on one sessions with the horses to aid you in greater clarity, purpose and freedom. 
Join us, if you need to check in with your PACE !

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