“Accidents” may not be accidents!

“Accidents” may not be accidents!

We recently had one of our stellar “Resonant Horse In The Round” Horse Circle-another precious time of new learnings, new noticing, and oodles of gratitude. Along with a bit of awe sprinkled in.
I was snapping a couple of pictures of an especially profound moment occurring with Viton and a young man at the farm. After I took the pictures, I moved my phone down, where it “accidentally” took two pictures, as it was on its way to lying down next to me. I didn’t realize my hand was still on the shutter.
This was the result:

Shadows and Feet, 1

I LOVE the interplay of legs, shadows, and how close in proximity the horses are to each other, and to the one sitting in the chair. This particular horse circle-they are ALL different, had ALL four horses surrounding us, one in the (almost) center, one out of this photo shot, standing behind someone. The remaining two horses were standing together, directly behind Snickers, whose four legs you an see clearly in the first picture. In the second picture, you can literally see the shadow of another horse’s head behind Snickers. That is how close in proximity they were to each other. And there they stood. For a long time. A REALLY long time. 
This captured moment was such a delightful surprise to me! Usually when I “accidentally” take pictures, they are blurry, off center, and almost unrecognizable. This one was clear, distinct, and I love the insert of the rays of sun in it!
Definitely  NOT an accident! So…You…What in YOUR life may seem like an accident, but is actually a greater and deeper work, a work perhaps of beauty? All it takes is shifting your gaze! And, saying “Yes!” to what may appear to be a moment of discord, or discomfort. You never know…it just may be a work of art unfolding before you!
Speaking of works of art… We have another picture, this one also taken in a moment, in an instant, that is now in the finals of a  local photo contest!! Yep!

Curiosity Times Two

Stay tuned, we will let you know how you can VOTE for this adorable Pic!!
Keep on being surprised!!

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