Across the Airwaves!

Across the Airwaves!


Last week, I had the opportunity to chime in on a live segment with Charlie and Eva-of Corporate Talk Radio show fame! the segment was on effective communication in the corporate workplace. Of course, there is NOTHING better than partnering with horses to increase your Emotional Intelligence quota, and perform in a superior manner within the corporate environment. It was a great chance to spread the word of how amazing the horses are! Here was their wonderful endorsement, which I am SO grateful for!!!
From: Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva
To: Mindy Chernoff
RE: Post Guest Segment Follow-up

“Thank you for your time, effort and expertise on our recent show speaking about the power of effective communication. In your brief 15-minute segment, you cited several examples of how interacting with horses can make us better communicators. You provided our listeners with great insight on the power and effectiveness of non-verbal communication.

Learning to master non-verbal communication skills through interactions with horses truly defines ‘outside the workplace strategies for inside the workplace problems’.

Eva and I learned so much!

You made a difference for sure.

Thanks again, please come back soon! Charlie and Eva”

How sweet was that endorsement! It was only 15 minutes long, and I am so glad it was beneficial to them! AND, to their audience.

Yes…The horses…the horses…They are the stars in all this!
From the corporate world…to the personal development world, they reign supreme! In terms of changing lives, they provide the intuition and wisdom. AND– in honor of that, we are getting ready to launch a new program…One not for the faint of heart! This is an 8 week intensive, one day a week, where we will be diving DEEP to facilitate practicing self-compassion and gaining our voice. This Intensive program is searching for 10 women who have the courage to say “yes!” to an opportunity- a truly life altering opportunity. See the flyer below, and contact Mindy for more info.





We hope to hear from you soon!

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