Author: Mindy Chernoff

So Long to Jack

Many of you, if you are local to the Phoenixville area, know and love this bird: Jack had been with us for over 2 years, he was greatly loved and cherished by everyone who came to the farm. As the farm ambassador, he felt that he

When Old Becomes New Again     Unintentionally, The Resonant Horse has taken a bit of a sabbatical! We are now BACK, and continue to be in full swing at the farm. Actually, nothing stopped at the farm, we are still changing lives with all who arrive.

Horse Hacks for 2022

It's Valentine's Day, and that means it is also Valentine's week! Actually, EVERY Day should be Valentine's Day, if we live the way the horses have taught us!!  Every day can include moments when we notice how love is in us and in the world

Birth In A Barn

This is the time of year when it is politically correct to speak of Jesus. It is, after all, the Christmas season! A very long time ago, a couple traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to comply with a census that returned them to their town

What’s Your Twinkie Story?

Many moons/years ago, I bought and sold horses in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. I would attend a prestigious horse sale 3 times a year in Timonium, Maryland. There, I would bring students, and would have investor's money, to purchase and resell lovely horses. What memories

Reflect, Renew, Rejoice

While this award winning photo was entitled "Bliss," it aids me in thinking of possibilities. My good friend Carrie Brady actually calls her farm "Possibilities Farm." What a great name! Believing in what is possible is, in my mind paramount to what can be created. I

When In Discomfort…

Don't Quit Before the Miracle Happens!! 12 Step Recovery rooms have often told attendees: "Do not quit before the miracle happens!" I love that saying, and I add: When in discomfort, do not quit until the miracle happens!  I say that because that has been

What’s Your Imprint?

What kind of animal would leave this foot print, this imprint? Well, if you are familiar with The Resonant Horse, you most likely know the answer, it is our beloved Royal Palm Turkey, Jack. Jack came to us because he was being very amorous with the