Author: Mindy Chernoff


My Talk at TEDX Wilmington's 7th Anniversary is now history. Now, we wait for 30 days, for TED.COM to upload it and allow it to go viral. The day not only finally came, but is now over. All the memorizing, all the practicing, all of

It Takes a Tribe

WELCOME! Wanna see an inside pic?? Here is what Viton's mane will look like, in preparing for the upcoming TEDX Talk on September 27th, at the Figure 8 Barn in Wilmington, DE. I am so excited that he will be joining me as I give my

Muddy Boots!

WELCOME! Do you ever have an experience where your (good) intentions get in the way of your common sense? When you "mess up"-- how do you respond to that? For many years, when I would "mess up" I would often get upset with myself, or look

What a FUN Podcast!

WELCOME! I recently had the pleasure of attending a TEDX Wilmington event. Since I offered my First TEDX Talk to the world two years ago, I have enjoyed many more TEDX Wilmington events over the past two years. And, I have met some amazing and WONDERFUL

We Lost A Great One!

WELCOME! I have been doing a lot of deep sighing this week, lots of deep sighs. The world lost an amazing mother, woman, inspired leader. Mariah Fenton Gladis, Mother, wife, grandmother, was one of the most well loved women, and deeply skilled, in