Author: Mindy Chernoff

California Fires!

I had been planning a trip to visit my daughter out in L.A. for months now. Little did I know I would run head on into the horrific southern California wildfires!! After spending a few days with my dear friends in Irvine, I headed to

More and More Publicity!

And the Publicity just keeps on coming!! No sooner did my second TEDX Talk get uploaded, that we had not one, but two feature articles on The Resonant Horse. This one, in the Daily Times, is here for your perusal: The editor, Peg Degrassa, made a quick

Take Time to Pause

TRH is a way of being, of relating to others in the world around you, through the wisdom and knowledge gained through interactions with horses. -Mindy Tatz Chernoff "Vacates atgue non Locates Deusederit" "Bidden or not bidden, God is present" Plaque over the door as one would enter Carl Jung's home. WELCOME! The


My Talk at TEDX Wilmington's 7th Anniversary is now history. Now, we wait for 30 days, for TED.COM to upload it and allow it to go viral. The day not only finally came, but is now over. All the memorizing, all the practicing, all of

It Takes a Tribe

WELCOME! Wanna see an inside pic?? Here is what Viton's mane will look like, in preparing for the upcoming TEDX Talk on September 27th, at the Figure 8 Barn in Wilmington, DE. I am so excited that he will be joining me as I give my

Muddy Boots!

WELCOME! Do you ever have an experience where your (good) intentions get in the way of your common sense? When you "mess up"-- how do you respond to that? For many years, when I would "mess up" I would often get upset with myself, or look