Author: Mindy Chernoff

Fight or Flight

Last week I was in a lunge line lesson, with a new student. The lunge line is a long rope which attaches to the horse's halter, and I hold the other end of the rope. This is so that the rider can focus on their

Why We Cannot Stop

Quote of the Month Blaise Pascal says that all of man's troubles come from an inability to ¬† sit in a room alone.   Responding to my quote of the month, I am not sure our troubles come from an inabilty to sit in a room alone, but

Fun on the Fourth!

  Out of small moments, big moments can occur. Taking part in a Fourth of July parade within my local town is now becoming a yearly ritual. It takes a rather herculean amount of work, effort and preparation, but it is so incredibly rewarding. This year,

June Workshop is here!

Resilience, along with grit, are BIG buzz words today. For Emotional Intelligence Training, as well as in normal everyday conversations. I know I am biased here, but in my mind, horses are MASTERS of teaching resilience. Why is this? Just come along, as I share