BIG Moments in Life

BIG Moments in Life

October and November are special months for me. For two reasons. It is the anniversary of two rather phenomenal events in my life. One was offering my TEDX Talk to the world, exactly 2 years ago. The other was winning the Pinto Congress in Tulsa with Viton. That occurred 10 years ago. Not only were we Champions in Disciplined Rail Western, but we also won the National Snaffle Bit (NSBA) trophy in English Pleasure. Two very powerful occurrences in my life, which have shaped the woman I am today. For now, I am going to break up those events in two separate blogs. They each deserve special focus!
This is what I was doing two years ago:

Mindy-wide angle lens3

I adore this precious picture, taken by the very talented Joe del Tufo. It represents me at my best–wide open, in the moment, and loving what I am doing. This captured moment was the culmination of a long held dream, to give a TEDX Talk. For details of how it came about, you can read my book, “From Muck to Magnificence”!! Within its pages, I go into detail quite a bit. Offering my Talk has opened up my world in such a marvelous manner!
Planning a TedX Talk is such a time consuming, albeit worthwhile endeavor. You rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. And, when the day finally comes, you find yourself surrounded by a stellar group of friends-who are all walking through life in a similar manner, at least for one day! Your I becomes a we. There is tremendous support and power in community. We are not alone!
TEDX Wilmington has had over 3 MILLION views on its web site, for those perusing its Talks. That is a LOT of views!
What became one person’s offering has now been open to the world at large. We never know the impact our life can have on another…The same goes with Tedx Talks. You do the best you can, (which I feel I did), and then you let go of the results. You put the outcome in the hands of other….which some may call God, or the Universe. The important thing is to make the hand off, and then, with gratitude and trust, move on to the next incredible moment which may present itself. One by one, these moments build, and they result in YOUR life. You only get one chance at YOUR life. What does yours look like? Need more support? Let the Resonant Horse build you up!
Our next workshop is November 11th, from 9:30-4:30 pm. Join us!
The focus is on Gratitude and Grace!

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