Birthdays and Other Musings

Birthdays and Other Musings

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Recently I was asked to write a short note for a young woman I have known for quite a few years. She has gone through a lot in her 28 years, and I thought I would share with you my thoughts. It may touch you as well, no matter what your age.
“Dearest M***, First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Making it to age 28 is QUITE the accomplishment!!! I, too, have a birthday coming up…my 60th!! Hard to believe, but it is true!!!

I guess that puts me on this planet a little over twice as long as you!!! SO, with all that experience under my belt, I guess I possibly qualify to offer some “sage” wisdom. OF course, ALL of it needs to be taken with a heart of openness and love, which is what I have for you!!!

Hard to encapsulate wisdom in a few words…So I won’t even try!! I will mention a few thoughts which have aided me.
1. Life is not about you, you are about life. There is a much deeper current of energy, life and love, which travels alongside you on your journey. It does not get accessed by indulging in our desires…It gets accessed by moving towards what we LOVE AND ADORE. How do you know you are there? Simple. You are fully alive, in a place of love, openness and curiosity. You are not in a place of judgement and condemnation, towards yourself and others. You find yourself saying “thank you” a lot. An awful lot. Not in that place?? Well, that just means you are a part of humanity. Slowly, deliberately, make small steps towards a place of kindness towards YOU.
2. Mother Teresa has said that “Kindness is the greatest religion.” The older I get, the more I am inclined to agree with her. There is never, ever a reason to not treat yourself with kindness. You are an exquisite creation of God. Why would you even entertain the thought of being any less than loving towards His amazing work?
3. ‘If you do not allow God to transform your suffering, you will transmit it to everyone around you.’ (Richard Rohr-One of my favorite authors.) We must DO the work which needs to be done. Not in a way which exacerbates self-criticism. Rather, in a way which allows for our hearts to stay open while we tend to our suffering. And, when we are suffering, we need to feel felt. Make sure you have the support you need. Support such as this does not tell you what to do. Rather, it listens and is with whatever you do. Big difference.
4. Move towards what you love, and what is easy. Move towards your gifting, there is no strife and struggle there. There is just grace, openness, and gratitude.
5. Make time for HORSES. Come back to where you know you are loved and adored. Spend time with the Master Teachers. There are plenty of places out there which offer can offer you a way to return to your first love…LOTS of facilities who are doing exactly what I am doing–Equine Facilitated Learning, or Equine Assisted Teaching. You do not even have to ride! Just being in their presence is so healing!!
6. Look with a lens of gentleness towards all that has unfolded in your life all these years. Everything you have gone through has brought you to where you are today. All is gift, and all has a purpose. We may not know the purpose, but that is what trust is about. That, and not resisting. For, whatever we resist, will persist. We focus on the good in our lives, and the good in our lives will increase. We can change our neurons by emphasizing gratitude, goodness and grace in our lives. Life is a precious gift.

Dear M***, I hope you can continue to move towards the greatness that God has for you. 28 is a good age…a great age!! Please keep in your heart all those who have spoken love into you…We are also on your journey with you. You are never alone.

Happy 28th!!!! Love, Mindy XXOO”

Let us know how You are doing being “about life.” We would love to hear from you!!

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