Last summer, I was riding through a rural wooded area near a creek. Off in the distance, I saw 3 lovely bushes with stunning pink flowers. This area being very lush with greenery, the color stood out like sentries of beauty. I marveled at their deep, rich color against the backdrop of the trees and grass. The next day, armed with a shovel, and a large trash bag, I returned to the site. Since there were three large plants, I thought no harm was done in transplanting one of them. I replanted the small bush in my front garden, wherein it promptly wilted and seem to die.
Not sure it would bloom in the spring, I waited, and lo and behold,when the weather warmed up, it began growing shoots from the roots! it was so exciting to see the flowers when they began to bud!! I even found the name– “Marsh mallow” plant.


I have always enjoyed the saying “Bloom where you are planted.” However, I never thought of an addition to that saying: “Bloom where you are transplanted!”
Sometimes, we may have an experience where we are in discomfort, or we find ourselves reacting. A new friend of mine found herself in EXACTLY that kind of situation! When she did, because she was at the farm, she was able to allow the horses to give her tools to deal with the situation she found herself in. In this case, being “transplanted ” to the farm was the PERFECT place for her. Here are her own words: “Mindy and the horses were there for me at a time that was very tough. I could not believe the sense of relief and clarity I walked away with. I will forever feel a deep sense of gratitude for my time spent with The Resonant Horse.”
In this case, her being at the farm came at a time when she deeply needed it. Her time with the horses was probably around 30 minutes, yet she came away with tools that deeply transformed her. She is only one example of many others who find themselves at the farm, and are able to partner with the horses to change their lives, and find greater freedom. So, whether you “bloom where you are planted” or find yourself having to “bloom where you are transplanted,” let the wisdom of the horse show you the way!

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