California Fires!

California Fires!

I had been planning a trip to visit my daughter out in L.A. for months now. Little did I know I would run head on into the horrific southern California wildfires!! After spending a few days with my dear friends in Irvine, I headed to my step-mom’s, in West Hills. My step-sister and her husband were also there, having been evacuated from their home in Oak Park/Agoura Hills.The tension and stress were palpable…for them and scores of others. After being there a mere two hours, we had to evacuate. This was how it looked as I headed out, from the street:

You know, when we have distance from suffering and/or tragedy, we are insulated from the strong feelings that accompany it. HOWEVER, when you are directly in its path, life changes. In an instant. Such was the case last Friday. My family was able to move a safe place, which was a gift. This was Valley Circle, the road I exited on, which now is under complete evacuation, due to the winds picking up.

As I drove to safety, I could not help but say prayers and send love and positive thoughts to all those in the line of fire. And, one more place my mind/heart went to…The animals. I know that the fire raged through some of the premier horse country in the area…This is what people were doing with their horses…

I cannot even comprehend the difficulty of taking your horses to the beach/water, the only place that is safe. The suffering these horse owners are going through, it boggles my mind. And yet, people DO go through these times, and some how, some way, they survive. Such courage, such courage. Let us continue to send prayers their way. For the devastation now, and for the strength to rebuild later, when the time is right. And, perhaps you are lead to do something more…there are funds set up for such a purpose.
Years ago my dear friend and support, Dr. Dan Gottlieb had said to me: “When people are suffering, they need to feel felt.” Let us make sure that we can be a support for those in our sphere of life who are suffering. How grateful I am that journeying with the horses allows for such healing and transformation. We are doing amazing things here at The Resonant Horse, for you to be a part of. Our next very exciting event is a visit from Nicole Birkholzer…a world renown Animal Communicator. JOIN US!!
She is coming this weekend!!

And remember…Awe¬†is all-around!

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