What is YOUR “WHY?”

Many in today's world of marketing have found a secret. The secret is NOT to tell others about what you do. I know, hard to believe, right? Rather, the pivotal question one should be asking is, "What is your WHY?" Simon Sinek even gave a great TEDX Talk

Don’t Give In!

Remember this view during the winter? This was how my world looked, all winter long: This represents a moment in time when I reached my low point. I had gotten so stuck in the mud, which was EVERYWHERE, by the way, that I had to call

Return to Basics

  Sometimes I get so busy doing things. And, they are good things! Whether it is teaching at Main Line School Night, or tending to the horses, or being a Wordsmith Consultant (my new job!) I am often doing. And then, lo and behold, an incident occurs. And, I am

Lots of Ways to Connect!

WELCOME! We are so excited about our FIRST spring workshop! It will be filled with exciting new exercises along with some time honored favorites. For sure, it will prove to be a valuable time for YOU! As always, we will be present to the amazing horses,

New Ways To Connect!

While we are shoveling ourselves out from the most recent snowstorm, lots of fun things are percolating here at The Resonant Horse. Many of you know that Mindy has given two TEDX Talks to the world. Beginning in March, she will be teaching a two

The Month of Love

WELCOME! Calvin and Viton, just hanging and being with each other. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I felt it was only appropriate to share what the HORSES have to say about the day. Here is, in a nutshell, are some of the things they can

Holidays from the Mouths of Horses

THE HOLIDAYS FROM THE MOUTHS OF HORSES Horses are masters at noticing, being in the moment, and non-verbal communication. Therefore, they may have a few things to teach us about the upcoming holiday season. While the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, horses always take time to

The Mud Finally Won!

WELCOME! It happened. I knew it would. I finally got stuck. I mean, really stuck. In the mud. I could not move. I could not twist, turn or get myself unstuck. I was a prisoner of the mud. And, I was holding a lead rope as