Can you see this image? Is it one horse? Or two? Look closer! It is TWO horses, standing side by side.

This is Duke and Jem, both stunning chestnuts with hair color almost identical. They look like twins, they are so closely collaborating together! Collaboration is a wonderful thing…it enlarges the two separate entities, and increases their effectiveness. AND, that is EXACTLY what we will be doing on August 17th!! The Resonant Horse is SO HAPPY to be partnering with the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center!! AND…this workshop is open to the public!! Join us!! It just might change your life!!

For Psychotherapy and Training 

The Pennsylvania Gestalt Center in collaboration with
Mindy Chernoff and the Resonant Horse presents:

Life Lessons From The Horse
– A Special Experience – 

August 17, 2019,  9am–6pm

Join us to explore areas within you of trust, boundaries, resistance and non-judgment. This unique one-day workshop with the Resonant Horse can change your life!

Dori Middleman, MD, Mark Putnam, MD
 Mindy Tatz Chernoff, B.A., M.A.
In a safe environment, Dori, Mark and Mindy will explore this experience in the context of furthering your personal growth. Through group and some individual work, they’ll help you explore how your relationship with horses can be a guide to all other relationships in your life.
When: Saturday, August 17, 2019, 9am – 6pm. Lunch break in lovely downtown West Chester, followed by afternoon of Gestalt processing at Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA.
Where: Resonant Horse -NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA.
Fee: $245   Lunch is not included.
Come join us at a this one day workshop. The morning session with Mindy and horses will not involve riding horses, rather you will learn much by noticing their responses towards you. You’ll discover possible areas of fear, tension, and anxiety, while allowing the horses to be your gentle guide,
The day will offer:
* Allowing horses to help you come back to yourself; slow down, notice, feel and heal.
* The chance to spend time on a working horse farm, exploring and renewing your mind, body and heart
* Surrounded by animals, learning from the intuitive wisdom of horses, you can rest and renew, all the while in the healing environment

Mindy Chernoff, MA, provides a novel and innovative approach to healing using horses as a context for promoting self-esteem and a sense of competence. Within a safe environment, which she has called “The Resonant Horse,” together with the horse, she explores areas of resistance, fear, discomfort, love and acceptance. Mindy feels every life lesson can be learned in the barn. Her primary goal is to build upon each individual’s positive traits, encouraging a sense of calm, contentment, and freedom to let go.  
Learn more at:

“Mindy’s horse farm is a safe haven where I learned to still my heart, connect with horses, listen to them, touch them, and find the woman hidden inside of me.”    ´Kris

The Pennsylvania Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors has approved this workshop for 7 contact hours of continuing education toward licensure renewal.

For more information and registration:
Phone: 610-251-0945 

Dori Middleman,MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, collaborated with Mariah Fenton Gladis for thirty years. Dori co-directs the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center’s workshops and training program, does Gestalt therapy, and enjoys serving people of all backgrounds at clinics in Philadelphia and York, PA.

Mark Putnam, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist leading workshops and Gestalt training at the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for over 30 years. Mark teaches Gestalt Breath, Body and Movement, a workshop designed to deepen your awareness and integration of body and heart.

Cannot join us for the all day workshop? Then, do not forget about our incredible Horse Circles: the next one is on August 10th, 7:00-8:30 pm.  Rain or shine!! Fee is $25.00 Join us!!!

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