Come Change with US!

Come Change with US!

For leaders to be truly effective, and to sustain their effectiveness, they must learn how to sustain themselves.”Those who can and do sustain themselves understand that renewing oneself is a holistic process that involves the mind, body, heart and spirit.” Annie McKee, Resonant Leadership

Partnering with horses allows us to attend to our “self,” for only if we enlarge our interior landscape can we become effective in our lives and our relationships.

I am usually brimming over with new happenings here at The Resonant Horse…But this time, I am sharing a bit about an ENDING that occurred! Our 8 week Bodacious Radiance Program had its last session this past Sunday. And, boy oh boy, what a day it was! We had women, courageous women, who showed up week after week because they EXPECTED change! Good, heartfelt change! And, not only did the horses deliver, but the women are the real rock stars in all this!
Here are some of their thoughts about the Program….
What learning experience will stay with you?
“(How I now have) more courage, more freedom, insights, open to a new way of thinking…”
“How the Horses opened up a new way of looking at the world and thinking about my thought life…Letting go, trusting my horse and myself, focused intention…”
“Boundaries! I’ve struggled for a long time with setting them, I feel I can now set them without guilt.”
“The Program gave me a sense of who I am and what I am capable of doing. I learned to trust in myself and make strong connections with the horses and others.”

I have to tell you, when I read endorsements such as these, my heart swells with gratitude and awe. I am so grateful to be able to do what I do!! To change lives, to guide others to greater freedom and trust…it is a high calling indeed. The horses change lives. Plain and simple. And, I get to see the metamorphosis! It is just so incredibly yummy!
Here is Susan and Coffee as they journey together through an opportunity/obstacle course…Notice how soft Coffee is, as he listens to Susan. Even a bale of hay does not distract him from her cues! In the buffet of life, we need to stay focused and clear!

Susan and Coffee

Here is Deb and Calvin–Notice how soft his eye and body is, as he walks with her! This opportunity/obstacle is called “Curves ahead”–we never know when life will present us with needing a new way of traveling/noticing!

Calvin and Deb

How would YOU like to be apart of a life changing experience?! We have an opportunity this Saturday, June 23rd…We have only a couple of spots left open…We are dovetailing off of the amazing blockbuster movie, The Greatest Showman! Along with the horses and the amazing musical score, we are going to offer YOU the chance to be the Star of YOUR amazing life! JOIN US!

The Greatest Showman flyer Jpeg     Contact Mindy today!!!

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