December is here!

December is here!

The days are shorter, the nights are colder. Time to “hunker down” as we prepare for dormancy in the outdoors. Of course, we know full well that dormancy does not mean no growth. It just means that a time of rest is needed, in order for new birth and growth to appear in the future.
Winter is the time, for some, where thoughts turn to musings and pondering. It is a time to reflect on the past year, and also to, possibly begin to be intentional about the New Year approaching.
I have just returned from a two day very intensive marketing program, where much of the emphasis was spent on mind-set and limiting beliefs. You know, we all have them…Those thoughts that tell us “no” instead of “yes.” Experts tell us that many of those beliefs began to manifest at ages 3-7 years old. That’s a LONG TIME to be holding on to such thoughts!
Fortunately, we have hope..Our brains can retrain our minds, and we can begin to experience freedom and joy from limiting beliefs. Visualization is a powerful tool…The Scriptures tells us we are to “Call into being the which is not.” (Romans 4:17) As we visualize what we most deeply desire,and if it is in line with the Creator’s wishes, the brain creates neural pathways to upright what is wrong, and those limiting beliefs can be altered. It takes discipline, and a daily consistent focus on becoming awake and aware, but it can happen!!! It does happen!
Along the way, gifts appear! I recently returned from a clinic in Rhode Island facilitated by my friend, Brent Graef. While there, I noticed a lovely AQHA bay gelding. Not only was he beautiful, but his manners were very kind and gentle. While very well loved, his owner had two horses, and she had to place one. The As I watched him, I wondered how he would do with our herd. the LAST THING I needed was a mother horse! But, sometimes your heart speaks louder than other voices. I have no clear explanation for why I felt he needed to come home to us. He had some dominance issues, which was different than my herd, but nothing I felt we could not handle.
I traveled to Rhode Island to pick him up and he jumped in the trailer. He hauled like a champ and did not make a peep the entire trip back home.
Calvin is now very happy at Chunk of Heaven. He settled in beautifully. I took him on his first trail ride a few days ago, and he even waded through a creek…Pretty sure he has not done that for a long while, if ever!! Oh, how I LOVE willingness!!



Here is Calvin with Viton, his new friend!! Two VERY handsome boys!

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