Don’t Give In!

Don’t Give In!

Remember this view during the winter? This was how my world looked, all winter long:

Boots in mud #2

This represents a moment in time when I reached my low point. I had gotten so stuck in the mud, which was EVERYWHERE, by the way, that I had to call on my cellphone for help. Despair is a good word to describe how I felt this winter. Despair because I could not believe or trust that it would or could look different. I really thought that springtime would come, and the mud would still be with us. Forever.

That mud encased moment was so profound, that I could not see a way out of it. And, when I thought of the future, it was bleak. It was hard for me to change my brain, and believe something better could result. Well, eventually, the mud did dry out. This is what my arena looks like today:

dragged arena

Kind of hard to see, but what you do not see is MUD! Yep, this is what it looked like when I was able to drag it for the first time in many months!
I actually did not know if that day would come. We are preparing for a large horse circle on April 20th, and I now know that we have enough room for all the attendees, because I could prepare the arena. I was so, so very HAPPY!
In moments such as those, it causes me to pause and reflect on when I was not happy. I think it simply comes down to trust…trusting that God and the Universe “has my back,” as the horses often make clear during the horse circles!
All the angst I put myself through, doubting, always doubting. It is almost as if it is a habit! It is difficult to believe in the best when things look so dark. That is exactly the time when we have to dig deep and gather our spiritual tools from our tool kit, and put them to work. Pausing, noticing the good, being kind and grateful are all ways to reframe what my eyes see and challenge my brain to believe something better is coming down the road. Prayer is also an indispensable tool. Will I trust? Or will I succumb to the darkness, which always feels like lack?
How are you doing in terms of creating a world of abundance for yourself? It is out there! Believe. Trust. Move towards love. Let us know how you are doing.
And..come see us! Come and hang with the horses. They will always show us the way! The April 20th horse circle is full, but our first workshop of the season is April 27th. Still some spots left!!

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