Drone, Meet Horses!

Drone, Meet Horses!

Taken From “America’s Horse” The largest member read Equine magazine in the world:
‘In relation to mucking out a stall: When you have a chore, a routine, mundane one, there is only one way for it to not be routine and mundane: to do that routine task with great love and care.”

IT is official! The Resonant Horse had its FIRST experience with a DRONE!! Just LOOK at how fascinated the horses were:

4 gorgeous horses

LOOK at how open and curious they are! Isn’t that just a WONDERFUL way to live? All for a good cause…We filmed a lovely marketing/promo video, and it came out spectacular! But, don’t take my word for it..check it out, below:

My sincere thanks to Dave Williams, of Cinemacake, and to my lovely guests–Rick Hogan, Corey Stein and Deby Stein! It was the first time we had a drone on the farm..it was so much fun!!
And, do you know what is ALSO fun?! HORSE CIRCLES! JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT ONE, THIS THURSDAY, JULY 19TH, 7:00-8:30pm. It is a lovely way to prepare to wind down for the weekend!

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