Fall Happenings!

Fall Happenings!


I simply adore this picture of Rocky and I, circa 1972. And, yes, it will come as no surprise to know that we WON our costume class, on that October long ago! I love how happy I am, and how Rocky has this look on his face of, “OK, Mom, this is odd, and I may look silly, but for you, I will do it!!”
Connection. My pony and I. It is what I did very well many years ago. And, it is what I do rather well, today. Only now, there is an added PERK! Partnering with the horses allows me to facilitate change and transformation for ANYONE who is willing to live with a lens of curiosity and openness. All they have to do is come out. To the farm. And let the horses perform their magic! In the last month, here is a glimpse of what has transpired on the farm:
1. Met with and discussed with one of the top professional youth corporations about how TRH can aid their clientele.
2. Had 2 cinematographers come to the farm and film, preparing to send footage to one of the top documentary T.V. shows in the world.
3. Made an appt. wth one of the top marketing online news outlets in the Delaware Valley, for a feature article.
4. Found out that in November, Snickers and I will have a featured article in the MOST WELL READ EQUINE MAGAZINE in the world, “America’s Horse”.
5. Received an endorsement from Dr Dan Gottlieb, world renown psychologist and host of NPR’s Voices In The Family. This is what he had to say about my upcoming book: From Muck To Magnificence, How Cleaning Horse Stalls Can Lead To An Astonishing Life:
“Part biography, part love story and part wisdom of the ages, Mindy Chernoff tells a story of how her relationship with these wise and magnificent animals changed her life. And how, in turn, she and her horses devote their lives to helping others. She is not afraid of her own vulnerability, nor is she afraid of being playful (note the book title). Chernoff tells the story of her life and perhaps all of our lives.”
After the editing process is complete, I will let you all know about the release date. We are still a way off, but the seedlings have DEFINITELY sprouted on that dream!!
How wonderful that you, too can come out and be a part of the horse’s magic!
We have only ONE workshop left this year…Saturday, OCT 29th!
PLEASE join us! We have two International attendees who will be joining us…One from Panama, and one from Canada! Yes, The Resonant Horse is now going GLOBAL and International! In addition, for Coaches who are member of ICF, you can receive 12, that is correct –TWELVE CCE’s for attending the workshop!

As exciting as that is, the dream of a little girl on her pony, getting ready for a Halloween Costume class has never changed. It is, and always will be, about a girl and her pony. And her horse. Deep connection. One horse at a time. One client at a time.
Thank you for believing in us. We are ever so grateful.

-And remember: Awe is all around!

  • tracey

    Hi Mindy. I’d love to sign up for the 12/1 event, but can’t find out how…help! THANKS!

    October 31, 2018at12:51 pm

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