Our world of spring is exploding around us. It is as if all the flowers and shrubs are saying “YES!”  And, what is it they are saying “yes!” to? Why, themselves! Their beauty and glory! They don’t have to try…they just have to let the sun shine in! Mariah Fenton Gladis said it so perfectly: “Arrive Already Loved.”
What are YOU saying yes to in your life? Better question…are you having a hard time saying Yes to the invitations you have been given? BTW< those invitations may not be huge…they may be tiny moments of connecting with another. Small, but mighty and powerful. Just try it! Over the next 24 hours, make a commitment to touching the life of another, in any way you can. 
We are VERY purposeful about that…as evidenced by our very popular Horse Circles. We have created the yearly calendar, and our first one is Saturday, April 3rd, from 2:00-3:30. If you have not been to one, please check them out! If you have, welcome back to the calm, the intention, the stillness it brings you to. No previous horse experience is necessary. Social distancing and masks will be in place, as well as temperature monitoring. $30.00. In case of inclement weather, we shall postpone.

In addition, we will be offering a half day workshop on April 24th. It is a deep dive into learning how to embrace the challenges of our lives. For more information, contact Mindy.
AND, may YOU continue to embrace your world and say “YES!” even in the midst of the challenges! Remember, the horses are here for you!!

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