Fun on the Fourth!

Fun on the Fourth!


Out of small moments, big moments can occur. Taking part in a Fourth of July parade within my local town is now becoming a yearly ritual. It takes a rather herculean amount of work, effort and preparation, but it is so incredibly rewarding. This year, once again, we had three horses in the parade. Viton, Calvin (his first time!) and Coffee. Being prepared, and having skilled riders is the key to a memorable and positive experience.

This is a picture of the calm before the excitement, as we got the horses decorated and ready for the parade. They were SUCH good sports! Here, you can see how all three horses have their ears up, curious and open, as we walk in the parade!

The enjoyment all ages had when they saw the horses pass by was such a delight! This particular parade has a huge audience, and it comes with numerous floats, marching bands, and bicycle entrants. Classic cars, as well. But, no matter what comes before or after us, the horses are always a HUGE hit! Perhaps it harkens back to an earlier time. Perhaps they remind the audience of how powerful and strong these animals are. Whatever the draw, people LOVE  horses in the parade. There were a lot of cheers and even clapping as we walked by.


I felt so honored and happy to be offering them a little slice of heaven from Chunk of Heaven.


It was a small way we, as a farm, could offer our support for the holiday and honor the freedom we have. Being only a tiny piece of the parade, we nevertheless made a huge impact. Or, I should say the horses made the impact. We were just going along for the ride, causing smiles and even a bit of wonder and awe amidst the crowd. A very good way to spend the Fourth of July, that is for sure!


As the parade ended, all three of us (the riders) were pretty exhausted, but we had huge smiles on our faces! We were thankful for our amazing mounts, who endured a lot of challenging moments, and handled it all with ease and grace. The horse’s ability to say “yes” to things they have never seen before speaks volumes of their trust in us, their riders. This trust is nothing new to them. At The Resonant Horse, we build on the trust we offer the horses, and the trust they offer us. We have numerous happenings this summer, which YOU can be a part of. You, too, can enlarge your world with wonder and awe, as you spend time with these majestic animals. We have workshops, one on one tailor made sessions, as well as the ever popular “horse circles.” Get in touch with us! better yet, come visit!! A world of wonder and smiles awaits you!!


-And remember: Awe is all around!

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