“Gifted”–Not In The Usual Sense!

“Gifted”–Not In The Usual Sense!

Taking care of a horse farm is a calling, for sure. NO surprise there. Every once in a while, I do something that originally might not be the best idea. That is when I tell myself I am “gifted.” My tribe peeps usually know when I say that, I am inferring I did something that went awry. Something such as this:

truck gate ajar

Let me explain…I purchased 1 and 1/2 tons of stone, needing to be spread on some low spots on the farm. I accidentally bumped my tractor into my truck gate, causing it to come unhinged. Of course I was upset. But, soon I realized it gave me an opportunity to learn something new…How to remove the back gate from a truck. The unhinging part was easy, since I had already done it!! But, unhooking the back up camera so I could continue…well, that was an electrical piece, so that was a bit more challenging! I was VERY proud my myself as I did it!! I was able to continue moving the stone. As I did, I reflected on the experience.
What was originally a “What did you do now” kind of scenario, complete with reaching out to those who I thought could help, turned completely around. I stayed open and curious, and I was able to adjust, do the next right thing, and continue on. What a great metaphor of how to live life! Is it possible to look at any and all of our discomfort with the same lens of curiosity…to know there is an answer, and all will work out? “All is as it should be” is a line from one of the most well read books in the world-Alcoholics Anonymous. Is it possible to hold all things gently, and not overreact to events? I believe it is, BUT it takes a HOOT of retraining our brain. Fortunately (you knew I would say this!) Horses are great helpers in this area! We have workshops going on, horse circles…the first one is on April 20th, from 2:00-3:30! Join us so you can become more aware of YOUR “gifts!”
The ones you know about, and the ones that come encased in another manner!

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