Giving The Gift

Giving The Gift

So, the big question is, “Do you have all of your gifts purchased?” Do you still have a few which you need to buy? How about a novel, innovative gift…One that will keep on giving! That’s right…Give the gift of The Resonant Horse!!
Listed below are just a few of the gifts that are offered when you invest in TRH for a friend…Or, how about for yourself??!! Perhaps you need a personal session? Perhaps you need a place and space for a private retreat. The Resonant Horse is here for you.

With The Resonant Horse you can:
-Embody nonverbal communication skills essential to thriving relationships
-Develop Leadership skills with authentic connection
-Tap into deeper layers of intuition
-Live wholeheartedly from a place of authenticity
-Set clear, thoughtful boundaries without anger
-Rekindle your creative fire
-Cultivate resiliency to bounce back when life gets you down -Increase your tolerance for vulnerability…saying YES to life’s opportunities, connecting deeper with those you love.
And, that is just the beginning!!
Whether one is seeking greater Emotional Intelligence skills, or perhaps just wants tools to be a better parent, The Resonant Horse can speak to so many, in whatever they are going through in their life.

(Picture courtesy of Veronica. L.)

Just look at this magnificent head, and eye…These stunning creatures can aid us in becoming the BEST we can be. As one of my students so astutely put it: “Working with the horses helps me to be a better person with people!”
The amazing thing about this work, it is deep, and very profound. But, it does not shout. It whispers. Come. Hang with me. Linger with me. Slow down. That is what the horses desire. They want to connect. With us. That is how they live. They are present to what IS. Every moment.
Come see them. Come see us. Let your life shine and be the Light you’re meant to be in the world. It is about connection. With yourself. With the horses. With your world.

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