Got Grace?

Got Grace?

This was the sight that greeted me last week as I went out do my afternoon horse feed:

Yep…There I was, heading out to do chores and THIS was what I saw! Hopefully you can see what I saw…the downed tree was literally 12 INCHES from my truck!! At first, I only saw the tree on its side. I had no idea if my truck had been struck. As I walked closer, I saw that it had escaped the wrath of the tree by a mere foot! My first thought was:
WOW! Some occurrences just defy explanation. That being said, my gratitude was so enormous! It easily could have had a different outcome, but it did not.
How many things happen in our lives not because we did something, but because we did NOT do something? And, out of that, incredible things occur. I made the choice to not pull my truck up another foot. This was about a week before the wind arrived.  
 I was incredibly thankful the way it turned out, after the huge gust of wind passed by. My faith in that moment was supported, as I knew this could have turned out differently. It turned out in a marvelous way, one where I could only stand in awe and say “thank you.” 
Living in awe is, almost by definition, something which only occurs periodically. I love it when it appears in the midst of a normal day. Of course it leads to gratitude, no surprise there. But, in the midst of today’s world of the unknown, it reinforces my trust. I am thankful for the wind gust. It reminded me that all is unknown, but all can be trusted. I know that seems like a paradox, but isn’t that what we are being called to embrace right now? The world can be viewed as a scary place…but yet, somehow, somewhere, we can dig deep, rise up, and not resist when the winds come. 
Yes, in this case, the winds that appeared did no damage. Regardless of damage or not, we are still called to trust. I pray that the winds in your life will “woo” you towards greater trust. You know, the horses are Masters of wooing…They are present, in the moment, and accepting of all that unfolds. And if, perchance, they are not, they will do what needs to be done in order to return to the state of grazing, of satiation. 
May you be drawn to the place of awe and gratitude! Let us know how it presets itself in your life! We would love to hear!

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