As I sit here staring at a blank page, I am almost speechless. What to say, as a world we once knew has changed so much? And, it continues to change, almost moment by moment! 
How can we stay certain in uncertain times?

For assistance, I turn to the horses. What do they want us to know?
1. Horses live in herds, but they also set boundaries. We need to do that as well. BIG TIME!  Distance between you and the other. Stay safe. 
2. When horses are ill, the herd may cast them off. That is certainly not our intention, but they have a point. When the horse herd is culled, that allows the remaining herd to stay healthy. Or, the herd may support the ill horse by standing around it. Either way, when we are ill, self care is paramount. No contact with others until you are well. Take the proper precautions if you are seriously ill. 
3.  When stressed, horses will do what needs to be done to return to a state of satiation, to grazing. This is where they can assist us! What do YOU need to do to return to a state of grace and gratitude?
I am finding it harder than ever to return to that state, due to all the outside forces impacting me. And, the internal forces, as well. I am very aware that I am in a rather high stress state, and have been for a few months. Selling the farm, relocating, you get the drill. It is all rather challenging. I am feeling that, talking about it, and admitting that life is, well, really HARD right now. It is scary. I am crying. I am doing what needs to be done to reinstall TRUST  inside my heart and mind.
It is a discipline.
Changing neural pathways usually is. 
Perhaps these tips can help you:
-Balance listening to the news with positive things:
-Listen to an uplifting podcast
-Go for a walk
-Gaze at something you love
-Write a letter
-Call someone, instead of texting, to stay connected
-Offer yourself to another…Does not have to be in person. Get creative!  Don’t think for a moment you cannot impact the lives of others!! You can! You must!! Remember…Life is not about you, you are meant to be about life! (Richard Rohr)
In light of that, The Resonant Horse is STILL here to meet your needs. However, we are taking more precautions. Please, no onsite visits if you are ill, or you have been with someone who is ill. We have two wash stations when you arrive, to wash your hands. As well as hand sanitizer and gloves.
 I am offering, to those who need to get out in the open and in a safe space, to come to the barn. I have partnered with Anne Jolles, creator of The Grace Trail, to offer a place to walk your way towards joy, hope and resiliency! This is a self guided, one on one trail around the farm, that allows you to stope, pause and regroup to change YOUR brain, so you can be of greatest benefit in these trying times. Let’s face it, the world needs HOPE right now! And, you can be a part of that! The Grace Trail might just be what you need!! Time frame is up to you, but I would say leave about 1 hour for it. You will be surrounded by love, the amazing animals, and your desire to be present. Join us!! $75.00. To sign up, just shoot us an email at:

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