Got Support?

Got Support?

Anybody who spends time out at our barn knows one thing…There is a “bromance” happening. That is right, we have two horses, Calvin and Rocky who are best buds. Why, they can even be in the same stall together…Look at this:

They can even stick BOTH their heads out the stall…Look at them…Same soft eye, they could be twins, if one wasn’t a bay, and the other black!! I just LOVE it when the boys play nice together! And, it gets better…when one sleeps, the other stands “sentry”, holding the safe space so the one on the ground can sleep soundly.

Horses get it. They know that they need each other to survive. The way they support each other is precious. And, it reminds me of how support is indispensable in my life. It aids me in my day to day activities here at the barn. It aids me in my spiritual and mental health. Simply put, I cannot live without the support of those who are part of “The Tribe.”
Support comes in many shapes and forms. What does YOUR support looks like? If you have to think about that answer, perhaps it is time for you to UP your support! 
The horses and I are more than willing to assist you in creating a base of support for you as you move towards your greatness. 
Our next Horse Circle is Saturday, June 15th, from 2:00-3:30. Join us!! 
And, if you want a deep dive experience, our next ALL DAY workshop is Saturday, June 22nd, from 9:30-4:00. Contact me for details!! 

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