Grace, Ease and Joy

Grace, Ease and Joy

Just take a look at this picture! This is of Honey Bear, shameless in all of her un-modest glory! She is taking a nap on the pool deck. It appears that she does not have a care in the world, right?
Here she is, a three legged, handicapped dog, and it sure looks to me like she is living life with grace, ease and joy!

Honey Bear getting a suntan

I love how animals are such models for us. Years ago, when I first brought her home, the people at the shelter told me that as she awoke from surgery–to amputate a ruptured shoulder, she woke up and “Did not miss a beat.” Amazing to consider…she was put under anesthesia with 4 legs, and she awoke with 3, and acted like it was no big deal. WOW! I get a toothache or a headache and I am a mess!

Not only are animals models for us for discomfort, but their ability to be resilient is inspiring. I think being able to be with discomfort, and gain tools for resilency are two important benefits horses and other animals offer us.
Need to know more? Then join us for our next workshop on June 22nd–Summer Simplicity!”
A time of learning new skills, and revisiting old ones.
A time where you can embrace life with less struggle, and live with ease, grace and joy.
Honey Bear sure appears to live that way! We can, too!

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