Holidays from the Mouths of Horses

Holidays from the Mouths of Horses


4 gorgeous horses

Horses are masters at noticing, being in the moment, and non-verbal communication. Therefore, they may have a few things to teach us about the upcoming holiday season.

While the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, horses always take time to self-regulate and return to a state of satiation. Do we offer precious self-care during this time? Can we stop, eat the grass, i.e. Smell the roses during our days?
Horses are inherently curious and open. When discomfort appears in our lives, try to remain curious, open and non-judgemental. While viewing life like a horse, you just may come up with some creative options, which can benefit you and alter your perspective.
Horses are Masters at lingering and doing what pleases them. They play and frolic with one another, they roll, they run and jump. When tired, they linger in stillness. We, also, must allow time for FUN in our lives. To enjoy what we do with our bodies, to exercise, have intentional movement, to laugh, play, smile. And then, to rest, linger, both externally and internally. Make sure you take “mind-breaks”– a time when you can silence the endless brain chatter. Prayer, contemplation or meditation are positive tools towards stillness. We rewire our neurons in a positive way when we take time to pause and be still.
Horses are amazing at their ability to impact the lives of the humans around them. Years ago, we needed the power and strength of horses to move, travel, and pull equipment. We, too, can make an impact in our world. If one is suffering, allow the suffering to eventually lead you towards greater service. It may take time to get there, but, just like horses live in herds, we too live in a world where we affect those around us. With gentleness and great love, allow your “me” to become a “we’. After all, life is not just about you. You are meant to be about life. (Richard Rohr)
Being a part of the herd means you are a part of something larger than you. As you carry on with your days, stay aware for situations where you can lend a kindness, a moment of great love. Mother Teresa said that: “Kindness is the greatest religion.” As herd bound animals, horses already seem to know that truth. They care for one another, because they know that the value of the herd depends on each member being a powerful force as they relate to each other. Know that you, too, can make a difference in someone’s life. Offer tiny acts of kindness. Only YOU can offer your gifts to the world.
By taking wisdom from the horse’s mouth, you just might not only survive the holidays, but thrive and enjoy them in a deeper, more meaningful manner! And, you might affect another in a positive way, as well!

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