Horse Circles ROCK!

Horse Circles ROCK!

“I had the most amazing time! I did not want to leave…It was so life giving and meditative…Horses are safe, loyal and accepting…!”
Or another:
“Thank you for such an extraordinary experience! We felt so taken care of. Your horses are magnificent! You are doing such an important work in the world…”

And this, right here, is one of the things we are doing at The Resonant Horse: A Horse Circle!

We stop. We slow down. We linger. We allow the horses to surround us, if they wish. We open ourselves up to great love, and then we let go of the outcome. I firmly believe these are tools which are sorely needed in today’s world.
To love
and to let go.
Do YOU need that trait in your life? Come out and experience something new, innovative and novel. Come out to a horse circle, and let the best part of YOU emerge!!
Our next Horse Circle is Thursday, July 13th.  7:00-8:30 pm.
For more information, join Or, contact
Hope to see you there!

-And remember: Awe is all around!

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