Horses: Masters of Self Care!

Horses: Masters of Self Care!

 What a lovely picture, as the boys soak up the early morning sun. This picture was taken about 7:30 in the morning. Notice anything interesting about it?

Besides it being kind of cool that Rocky has Viton’s back, notice where they are standing. All around them is shade, and there they are, carving out a sunny spot as they stand like statues in the early morning sun. They know exactly where to go, to allow the warm morning rays to heat up their bodies after a chilly evening.
It reminded me…years ago, I was in a retreat setting and one of the first questions we had for discussion was: “When did you first recall being warm?” It produced delightful conversation, mostly around pleasant memories, some stretching back dozens of years. It touched on issues such as caring, and being tended to. 
The horses are experts at caring for themselves. They are truly masters of self care! They know what they need in the moment, and they move towards making “it”-whatever the “it” is, to happen. 
I am always so inspired by their wisdom, as I notice the ways in which they live, gently and with purpose. As I watched them wander towards the sunny spot and then stand there, there was a  sense of calm acceptance. They were right where they needed to be in that moment. They stayed there for quite a while. I often say to my students; “When you are in heaven, you do not need to move anywhere!” 
May you embrace self care in your life, and when you are in a spot that is blessed with purpose, stay there!!
You know we have PLENTY of ways for you to enlarge your  purpose in life! Our next horse circle is this Saturday, Sept. 26th, from 5:00-6:30 pm.
We are still taking appointments for the AMAZING Grace Trail which offers a time of solitude and self guided exploration of gratitude among the animals. Contact Mindy for more details!

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