How Horses Change Our Brains!!

How Horses Change Our Brains!!

“Recent neuroscience suggests that learning to let go of what we’re clinging to, mentally as well as emotionally, actually catalyzes some revolutionary-and evolutionary-changes in our neural wiring.” Richard Rohr.
One more reason why hanging with horses is so beneficial. They woo us to linger, rest and let go.They gently draw us toward what is good in our lives, what is love. And that causes a beneficial change in your brain in the process!! This principle, plus many more, are written about in my upcoming book: From Muck To Magnificence; How Cleaning Horse Stalls Leads To An Astonishing Life. Through GoFundMe, we are currently accepting donations to make this book more than just a dream, rather to turn it into a reality! Currently, we are in the final design process!!
Click on this, or put it in your browser, and it will take you directly there!!! Easy as pie!!


Wheelbarrow illustration(This is a variation of the cover!!)

Also, some have asked to give anonymously. Once on the site, there is a prompt-You can click a button that says :”Hide my donation from everyone except the organizer.” Once again, thank you for your incredible support! you can make it happen!
PLEASE…No gift is too small, or too large. Give as much as your generosity allows!! We need YOU!!

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