We are living in times of deep uncertainly, conflict and dissonance. So much is unknown, even when we think we know our next step. How do we counteract such thoughts and stances? What can offer us peace, and a way to stop the demands that press against us from all sides?
Life is such a paradox. We have more information than ever in our lives, gadgets and gizmos galore, yet we still feel empty. 
If you are a follower of The Resonant Horse, you pretty much know what I am going to say and suggest. Yes, there IS a way to counteract all those pressures and stresses we feel. It does not mean that we will remove them. However, with a lot of intention, prayer and shifting our gaze, the horses can re-set our internal wiring. We CAN unplug and plug into renewal, rest, and radiance.

How does it happen? Simple, really. Simple, but not always easy.
Take this picture, for instance. Look closely at it. Do you get the sense of how Viton and Calvin are totally content with each other? Just two horses hanging out together, along a fence line. No agenda, nowhere else to go…They are simply in the now. Even as you gaze at the picture, you can connect and gain a sense of peace and contentment. In the simplest of acts, you can allow yourself to flourish in a totally new and unique way. Look deeply into how horses live, and you get a window into how you can live freer, with more clarity and discernment. You gain tools for navigating in our sometimes complicated world.                                                                      
Recently we have seen some incredible changes in the lives of those who have come to The Resonant Horse. It is exciting and rather humbling to be a part of such a wonderful work. From an 89 year old veteran, who rode on a horse for the first time in his life, to an Executive increasing her Emotional Intelligence by observing horses, it is an honor to be a part of changing the world, one horse experience at a time.
In light of that, we have several delightful options for you to experience. Our next horse circle is this Thursday, June 27th, from 6:00-7:30 pm. It provides all with a lovely way to press the “pause” button. Our July Workshop is on the 27th-Entitled “Fun in the Sun” it will be a time of refreshment and renewal with the horses, and THEN some time in the pool to end the magnificent day! Sign up soon, for attendance at the workshop is limited!!
As always, we are so thankful for your support.
The Resonant Horse could not exist if not for people like you! You are the gems in our lives!

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