It Is All About Intention!

It Is All About Intention!


Quote of the month: “In order to have what you desire come to pass, it must first be birthed within you, as an idea, or thought. Then it must be exposed to the light; you need to state your intention. You may not have a clue how it will happen, but you must call it into being for it to happen.” From Muck To Magnificence


How peaceful and serene are these images? You are viewing one of our our popular offerings, a “Horse Circle”. Here, we are given the opportunity to slow down, stop moving, and enter into the horse’s world of sentience, lingering, curiosity and love. Last week, I had two dear friends join me for a circle. The three of us sat in chairs in the round. We had 3 horses moving around us in the ring, where we were seated. Very quickly, two of the horses “chose” those they wanted to be near. Calvin chose me and Viton chose one girlfriend. Both horses went up to us, and lingered at our head, nuzzling our hair, neck, shoulders. Just hanging with us. Snickers headed towards the third friend, walked over to her, and stopped with his hind end next to her chair, swishing flies away from her. All 3 horses did not move for a while. The friend that Snickers chose, let’s call her “Nancy” was still as the horses were quiet and lingered with us. As time went on, however, Nancy began to wonder, “Why was Snickers not facing her, like the other horses were?” It is also possible that she may have had more accompanying thoughts, such as, “What am I doing wrong? Why is he not facing me? Why can’t I be like the others? Does he not like me?”
You see, one thing we always know about the horses, they are just mirrors of us. When things unfold, you always begin with what is the horse doing? Then, you can access your emotions and thoughts around it. But, you must begin with the horse. They are the congruent ones, they are the Master Teachers.
Now, I am not sure how many, if any, of those thoughts were swirling around in Nancy’s head. Only she can answer that. But if those questions were in her mind, they were not new questions for her. Most likely they come out a lens of limiting beliefs, which we all have in one form or another. Those beliefs often begin in childhood, and stick around until we have the courage to change our intention and our focus.
So, after a short while, Nancy said: “I want him to move around me, so that his head is by my side.” Voicing her desire set intention into motion. No sooner had she spoken her intention aloud that Snickers begin walking around her, and stopped on the other side of her chair. With his head right by her side.
Ok, the more cynical among us would say, “Well, that is just coincidence.” And, I can certainly understand why one would feel that way. However, Snickers was not in any form of discomfort, there was not a carrot dangling for him to move around, no reason at all. Only one thing had changed. Nancy stating what was in her heart and then voicing her intention. She stated what she wanted to see happen. And it did, almost immediately!
We stayed like that for a while, Snickers calmly next to her. At one point, he went to remove a fly from his belly, on his right side. The same side Nancy was sitting. So, to not hit Nancy with his head, he stepped to the left, and brought his head to his belly to nip at the fly. In so doing, he moved a couple of steps away from Nancy. Once again, he just stood there. And, once again, Nancy wanted a deeper experience. She had enjoyed the previous connection, when Snickers was close to her. She wanted that back. She voiced her desire and intention: “I would like him to move back, closer to me!” Sure enough, within about 30 seconds, Snickers took a couple of steps to the right, once again placing his shoulder right next to her in the chair. And stood there, not moving.
All three of us sat in our chairs, marveling at what had unfolded. Each horse, in its own way, had touched us deeply. For two of us, the horses’ support and presence had a calming and soothing effect. And, rather fun and frivolous, as well. It tickles when a horse breathes down your neck!
For Nancy, her learning is one that she has returned to, as she considers the invitation Snickers offered her. You know, it is a rather profound thing when you can speak to 1200 pounds and have it immediately respond to you. As I said in the “Quote of the Month” you must state your intention. You must also be congruent, in order for your desire to come to pass. Once you do, heaven and earth, as well as a horse, will cause it to happen. I know this to be true. I have seen it time and time again. It is an incredibly scary and awesome realization that we are the masters of our lives, via intention and desire. This is not about having what some would call a positive confession. This is deeper, realizing that what we strongly desire, if it is in alignment with God and the Universe, and we voice our intent, our dream, will cause it to come to pass.
Many of you have experienced the same thing. Please drop us a line, we would love to hear your story!!

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