It Takes a Tribe

It Takes a Tribe

Wanna see an inside pic?? Here is what Viton’s mane will look like, in preparing for the upcoming TEDX Talk on September 27th, at the Figure 8 Barn in Wilmington, DE. I am so excited that he will be joining me as I give my second TEDX Talk to the world. Believe it or not, he has 5, that is right, FIVE people to be his entourage!!! One of his peeps is a young lady that has been with me since she was 5 years old!!! She is now in her twenties, engaged to be married. She is the one who braided his mane in this stunning basketweave pattern. She is so gifted.

Viton's basketweave mane

I am so grateful to have surrounded myself with people who are passionate and love what we do here at The Resonant Horse. No man or woman is an island, and I am becoming more aware of how I need support, aid and assistance. Asking for help is something I am getting better at. I used to try to “do it all” and I am so glad I have resigned from that club! Too exhausting!
What about you? In your world, how do you negotiate the intricacies of needing help and asking for it?
You know, the horses are great at teaching us when to ask for help, and when to do things on our own. Because they live in herds, they know that their well-being depends on all of them functioning as a team. One is the alpha, one or more are the sentries; they each have their roles. And, they need each other to function at their highest effectiveness. Even in my barn, it always amuses me when I see the horses acting in their assigned roles. Duke, my elder statesman at 30, is the co-dependent barometer of the barn. Whenever anything, and I mean ANYTHING is out of order, he whinnies, to alert the herd. That could mean a wheelbarrow in the aisle, or a horse moving from a stall to the cross ties. He has to let everyone know what is going on. It is probably the way he self-regulates himself. A bit quirky, it is also amusing. That brings me to another one of the gifts the horses offer. The ability to accept wherever one is at. Duke’s quirkiness makes him all the more lovable. He is unique, one of a kind, for sure. Makes us love him more.
And you? We are so grateful and glad you are in our world at The Resonant Horse. Your gifts and talents make our lives richer. To see how the horses have transformed you is what makes us come alive.
And, if you need more incentive to become the greatest you can be…we have a Bodacious Radiance PART II, beginning September. 29th. Running for 8 weeks, the focus will be on Self-Compassion and Horses. Contact Mindy or Susan for more information.
Stay in touch with us regarding the ever popular horse circles. They continue to offer profound take-aways for those who attend. AND…do not forget Thursday, September 27th, 2018. Go to to purchase tickets for this once in a lifetime experience. Viton, I believe, may be the only horse in the world to be featured in not one, but TWO TEDX Talks. You don’t want to miss it!!!!

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