It’s Still Winter!!

It’s Still Winter!!

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The east coast is preparing for a strong winter storm, which is making its way towards the Philadelphia area late Monday night. WhIle it entails a lot of work here on the farm, caring for the horses, stalls, plowing, etc., there is also a gift in the midst of all that work. It offers the opportunity, once the work is finished, to slow down and enjoy the stillness which comes when blanketed with snow. In a way, I relish the big storms, for that reason. Oftentimes, I cannot go anywhere, for the roads are treacherous. Appointments are usually cancelled. SO, physical movement is restricted. That helps my emotions to also slow down and get quiet. That can be a challenge! Sometimes, we stay busy so we do not have to feel. Storms have a way of offering us another invitation. “Be still and know I am God” is the cry of the Psalmist. We must stop moving if we really want to know what is important, what needs to linger with us, what needs to remain. When we get still, and have the courage to listen to our inner voice, and then to act upon what we believe…It is in the process of pursuing our dreams and passions that we find our deepest fulfillment. Because, whatever that deepest fulfillment is within you is what you are meant to touch the world with. You are the only one that can touch the world in that way. Here at The Resonant Horse we would love to know how you are changing the world because of your desires. Please drop us a line and let us know!!! You already know what Mindy’s deepest desire is right now…Finishing her book!!! If you feel like being apart of that, we would welcome it!! It is easy to give:
May you enjoy the beauty and the stillness offered by the storm of your life. As always, don’t forget to say “thank you.” Gratitude is important, even when we may not feel like we are grateful. Especially when we may not feel like it!! Till next time…


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