Mindy offers quality English and Western instruction on highly-trained school horses. Many of them are also show horses, so they are very well trained. She tailors her program to the needs and desires of the students. Whatever discipline the students ride, her emphasis is always on “feel” and noticing the movements of the horse, which can inform their riding in terms of their legs, seat, and body. 
In her (all-weather footing) lighted outdoor arena, she starts all students with a 30-minute long private lesson on the lunge line. This is so they can master the use of their legs, seat, and balance. After that, they get segwayed into a semi-private lesson, which is one hour and has 2-4 students in it.
All students learn how to brush, tack up and care for their horses before and after the ride. In addition to lessons in the arena, we also have immediate access to trails. When the students are skilled enough, we often ride on the local trails, located near the barn. 

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The Resonant Horse workshops are now accredited!! The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has designated The Resonant Horse Workshops to receive 12 CCE Credits for every workshop an ICF member tends!! Continue your stellar education, while allowing the Wisdom of the Horse to transform you and your world!