Life is a WE, not a ME

Life is a WE, not a ME

You have most likely heard the saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” But, I have another way of looking at something similar…What if you look, and do the same thing over and over, and are not able to visualize, or even expect different results?
Let me explain.
This is my grain bin, where we store grain for the horses. It is actually an old freezer, given to me by old friends, Gary and Cindy Werner.

grain bin


For many many years, the lid support has faltered, so that when you open it, it never stays open. I would try to rig something…where the buckets would hold the lid up, but it would work with less than stellar results. So, I have many bruises on my arms, and many times the lid would hit my head.

grain bin 1

Of course, trying to support the lid with my head or my shoulders is not a very good idea. You can just imagine how difficult it was trying to put grain into 7 buckets, while dealing with that heavy lid. But, you know how it is…You start doing something, and that “something” may be a bit inconvenient. But, before you know it, it is how you do it ALL the time.
Can you relate?
So, yes, I would complain a lot about that darn lid, but never in my wildest dreams did I think something could actually be DONE about it. Talk about limiting beliefs! SO, I continued to deal with this grain bin/lid every day, twice a day. For years.
Until one of my barn peeps mentioned to my barn maintenance director: “Is there any way we can do something about this grain bin lid? Is there something we can do to keep it up while we are moving the grain into the buckets?”
Tha’s all he did. He asked a person–the right person, I might add– a simple question.
And, Voila!

grain bin 2

In a matter of minutes-yes minutes, the answer was found.
All it took was asking the right person the right question. It meant asking for help. It meant being a WE barn, and not a ME barn.
I could not even think of an option, I was so used to doing it the way I did it. Inconvenient, yes, but that was what I knew.
How wonderful to have others, part of the barn tribe that can step in, see a need, and fill it.
Reminds me of how horses live, all the time. They get this memo. They know that they depend on each other, as members of the tribe. They get that they are a WE and not a ME. Their survival depends on them working as a herd, as a tribe. Together.
Evidently, mine as well!
May you realize how blessed you are to be part of a WE, and not just ME.

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