Makin’ History!

Makin’ History!

Wisdom From The Herd

TRH is a way of being, of relating to others in the world around you, through the wisdom and knowledge gained through interactions with horses.

-Mindy Tatz Chernoff

You must dream a dream before it can become a reality. And, the dream you dream may also be the dream of another! The gift keeps on giving! That is how God and the Universe works!! “Life is not about you; you are meant to be about life!” (Richard Rohr)

I have been wanting to tell you about this for WEEKS!! I can NOW tell you what the buzz around here is all about!!!
The Resonant Horse is about to make history! Yep, Little ole’ us!!!
Wanna know how? I will not keep you in suspense…We are going to be offering our SECOND TEDX TALK!!! In July, 2018! That makes Viton, I think, the ONLY horse in the world who is featured in not just ONE, but TWO TEDX Talks!! AND>>>Drum roll please…This TEDX Talk will actually END with Viton coming out and sitting on a bean bag chair!! YEP!!! Real live and in the flesh!!! If you are local to the Wilmington/Philadelphia area, you do NOT want to miss this event!!!

Go onto and order a ticket for July 14th. Viton and I will be joined by 11 other stellar women, who are forces of nature in not only the Equine Facilitated Field, but in the industry of animal communication and pet therapy. They are coming from all over the U.S., and one is even traveling from South Africa!! Way cool!!!

But before that unfolds, I am offering you a chance to be a part of Main Line School Night! Yep! The prestigious school is now offering a 3 part series: “How Horses Heal, Empower and Transform!” Taught by yours truly, there are still two evenings left, and you can be a part of them! May 8th and May 15, from 6:00-7:30. Held at the Radnor campus, at Creutzburg Mansion. For more information, contact:

We would love to see you there!!

-And remember: Awe is all around!
Sincerely, Mindy Tatz Chernoff

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