May Birthdays and Other Musings

May Birthdays and Other Musings

I have found May is a big month for birthdays. Mine, included.
For many years, birthdays were about what I was getting. It was all about receiving. However, for quite a while, I have sensed a shift occurring. I find myself grateful, first of all for the gift of even having another birthday! So, my day starts with incredible gratitude. To have gratitude as the foundational beginning of my Birthday only makes the day even more superb as it goes on! The reflection that often happens with birthdays, especially as the number rises, is a sense known to many of you, I am sure. There are often two seeming polarities…On the one hand, the thankfulness for another day to be alive. On the other hand, an invitation, if you will, to continue to “Number our days, that we may acquire a heart of wisdom,” (Ps. 90:12) as the Scripture says. When I was younger, that verse would instill in me a sense of not only urgency, but a desperate attempt to seize moments, in a huge expanse of energy, fortitude and certainty. There was a religious zeal, an unhealthy attachment, a sense of herculean urgency, which would put me in a state of endless futility and frustration as I tried to grasp what was most certainly un-graspable. (Yes, I am sure that is not a word, but I may have just invented it!) I was not living out of love, but out of fear.
How thankful I am that my focus has shifted to what makes me most alive, what is it that I love. For, in that place, there is not urgency or unhealthiness. Rather, there is just a sense of God saying “YES!” Yes to what I adore. And now, what is happening is that IT IS CONTAGIOUS!! Not only has my life been transformed by the Wisdom and love of the horses, but that love is GROWIN

This is a marvelous picture of L.M., an attendee at our first workshop of the season. No experience with horses, she is awake, aware and present as Viton is simply standing by her, breathing into her neck/hair as she receives his love. To have a 1250 lb. animal show her so much unconditional positive regard was the pivotal point of the day for her! What a gift to be able to share that moment with her.
My point is that when we are truly in touch with our passions– what excites us, what makes us feel alive, THAT is where God is. And, THAT is how God wants to use YOU to change the world. Now, please do not get overwhelmed when I talk of your “passion”. Passion is simply the force, attention and energy of what is directly in front of you. Don’t wait to live a life of meaning and value…Don’t just follow your passion… Let your passion follow you, one day at a time. (Terri Trespico)
It can happen on your birthday. It can happen any day. You must be willing to say “YES!” to the invitation to allow yourself to be transformed. So that you can transform others.
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