Mother’s Day and Horses

Mother’s Day and Horses

In honor of all Mothers, and Mothers-at-heart…Some words to live by, courtesy of the Wisdom of the Horse.


1.The vast majority of mares (mature female horses) who foal (have a baby) have an innate ability to love, care for, and tend to their young. (Human) mothers, as well, are offered the opportunity to love and care for their children. Oftentimes this may involve true altruism, where one learns to listen, notice and not react to drama. Horses are masters of listening and noticing, for their very lives depend on it. For centuries, if they did not notice a predator in the bush, their life could be in danger. Today’s domesticated horses no longer need to fear predators in the bush, but they still have the wiring to listen, notice and respond accordingly. As we notice how horses respond and react in their environment, it can give Mothers clues how to best handle their environment.

2.Horses, after the potential threat is averted, return to a state of satiation and comfort. Mothers, too, when they are dealing with issues large and small, must adjust their thinking and acting to respond to their children in a way they need, and then return to a lowered stress state. Of course this is easier said than done. However, by noticing, not reacting, and responding in a calm, loving way, children will be in a place of experiencing life’s challenges under the loving eye of a Mother who always has their best interest at heart.

3.Mothers must do the interior work necessary in order to set clear boundaries with their children, in a loving way. Horses are great for teaching boundaries, for if you do not know how to move around 1200 pounds, they will certainly move you! With an attitude and intention set towards love, displaying and setting appropriate boundaries with children is imperative in today’s world.

4.Mares take time to play, relax and experience the fun things of life. Moms, too, need to make sure they allow for plenty of time to play, and do NOTHING. Actually, what appears to be “nothing” can be a rich time of connection, lingering, and just being. The simple things of life are often where the richest memories come from. Children’s lives (as well as those of their parents) are so fast paced! Social media is attempting to ‘connect’ but more often than not, the only thing we are connecting with is our mobile devices. Slowing down and becoming aware of the hectic pace is the first step to allowing change to enter in.

5.Horses travel through the life cycle and attend to their offspring with dedication and appropriate boundaries. When a foal is young, a mare must be much more “hooves on” so to speak, to keep the youngster away from danger. As foals mature, the Mother can loosen the control a bit, and allow the young horse to experience life in a way which allows for growth and maturity. The Mother must keep a watchful eye on her offspring, set appropriate boundaries, and then begin to let go. A great model for human Mothers, as well. As Mothers, we never stop worrying about our children. However, trusting that they will experience (in their lives) exactly what they need to in order to become fully functioning adults and loosening control is what we are called to.

6.Horses look at life with a lens of curiosity, openness and non-judgement. Traits which are sorely needed in today’s world, both for Mothers, towards themselves, as well as towards their children.

7.Finally, we need to remember that it is the little things in life that are important. Mother Teresa has said: “Do small things with great love.” That is how a mare takes care of her foal, by little things. Moms, as well, can offer their children a feeling of connection and safety, by doing daily acts of small kindnesses.


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