MUD and other MUSINGS

MUD and other MUSINGS


The weather is warm, the weather is cold. It is rainy. It is snowy. One thing it is ALL THE TIME right now, is MUDDY… That is right, M-U-D-D-Y.
I have gone through so many emotions this winter. In regards to the weather, most of them have not been pleasant! What usually happens is by the end of fall, when it is so muddy, and you want to pull your hair out, it finally freezes. Winter, blessed winter. While I am not a fan of the ice in the winter, I AM A FAN of the ground freezing. Much easier to walk on solid ground, albeit frozen, than boot sucking mud.
I feel as though I have been complaining so much this winter. For the first time, the mud has really compromised my lower back. It is hard on the horses, too. It strains their tendons, as they walk in it. Not to mention sucking their shoes off. I finally just removed shoes on some of the boys! it was just too frustrating to leave them on, only to get sucked off.


Times such as this are great opportunities to relax into the frustration, and accept. Easier said than done, for sure! And, like I said, I feel as though I have not exactly been the poster child of acceptance in this situation. However, eventually I come to a place of surrender. And letting it happen. Sometimes I look at the mud and I actually laugh. It is so incredibly pervasive!! (I have also cried over it, as well!) It definitely stretches my brain, in a creative way…where can I put their hay that would be the easiest for me, and the least muddy for them?

You may not have mud in your life, but I guarantee that you have something that causes you discomfort, or frustration. Times such as these, the horses model for us ways to cope. I am reminded during the summer, when flies are at their greatest. The horses swish their tails, they stomp, they roll. They accept, they handle it, they deal with it. They do what needs to be done to return to a state of grazing, or satiation.

To return to grazing, when one is so frustrated…perhaps the only way to do that is to see the situation as temporary. Holding out hope is another way of looking at it. Eventually, this mud will result in lush tall grass, perfect for grazing. So whether hope is the answer or simply patience, what will you look at differently this season? We want to know!

And…we are SO EXCITED about some spring and summer happenings! One is SO THRILLING we cannot mention it as of yet, but SOON! Two others, I can tell you about:
1. I will be teaching at Main Line School Night for their upcoming session. Topic is “How Horses Heal, Transform and Empower.”
2. We are offering a radical intensive 8 week Program! Call it a Mastermind, call it an Intensive: “Bodacious Radiance”–Partnering with the horses for some extraordinary experiences and life lessons.
Stay tuned!!

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