Muddy Boots!

Muddy Boots!

Do you ever have an experience where your (good) intentions get in the way of your common sense? When you “mess up”– how do you respond to that? For many years, when I would “mess up” I would often get upset with myself, or look at the situation in a harsh manner. Now, I try to have eyes which are a bit gentler and kinder. Let me explain…
A short time ago, I was gazing at my back pasture, filled with water due to all the rain. A couple of my fence rails were down, and I wanted to fix them. So, off I trudged, in my ankle high boots to fix the problem. Rather quickly, it became clear that the boots I had on were insufficient for the task at hand. Of course, turning back, heading into the house, getting taller boots would have been the common sense answer. But, that was not the choice I made. I continued to trudge on, finding myself wading deeper and deeper in water that was swampy. By the time I reached the downed rails, I was trying to stand on tall grasses, to help offset the deep water. Not sure that was a solution, but at this point, I was committed. I fixed the rails, and began the trek back to higher ground, and the barn. By this time, not only were my boots soaked, but my jeans were wet, as well. Almost to my knees!
When I finally reached dry ground, I just HAD to snap a picture:

muddy boots

In reviewing the experience, I had to chuckle, as I looked at my boots and wet jeans. Making the choice to NOT choose the drier option resulted in a lot of wetness! But, the job got done, the boots and jeans were washed and dried, and all was well.
I know this is just a snippet of an experience, but looking at it, (even though I did not go for the wisest option,) with eyes of kindness and a sense of humor was a win/win for me. To be able to be gentle and kind, even when I did not choose wisely, is a plus for me.
So…what about you? How do you react when life does not go “your way?” We want to know!
The horses can ALWAYS help us with our life perspective!
And, we have just the experiences to help you! We have a Horse Circle this Sunday Sept. 9th, from 5:00-6:30, out at the farm.
We have an upcoming Bodacious Radiance Program, Part II coming up at the end of September.
AND…Don’t forget the most exciting of all….Viton and I will be presenting a TEDX Talk at TEDX Wilmington’s 7th Anniversary event, to be held at the Figure 8 Barn, in Wilmington, DE. They will sellout SOON, so order your tickets TODAY!! At: TEDX Wilmington.Com

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