Past to Future

Past to Future

So, I previously mentioned to you that October and November were big months for me. As Thanksgiving is upon us, I am grateful for a day in November, exactly 10 years ago. At that time, I had traveled with my horse, Viton, to Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, we were competing in the second largest horse show for my discipline, (Showing Pinto Horses). I need to explain, however, that showing at this level is rather unique. One usually NEVER hauls out there without their trainer. And, one usually NEVER shows there without their trainer by their side. Showing at this top level is reminiscent of the old adage; “It it not what you know, but who you know.” Viton and I did not have our trainer with us. We were on our own.
What we DID have, however, was an incredible bond. Even though I had owned him for less than 6 months, I had such trust in him. And in the Creator that created him. I had faith, I believed in him. And, in US. Made for a rather formidable duo.
And, I am happy to say, that at that show, we won the Pinto Congress. We were Grand Champions in Disciplined Rail Western Pleasure. (For all you horse buffs, that is a pleasure class, which also includes various intricate, high end dressage maneuvers.) There are 4 judges in the class. We were first under three of them, and second under one of them. I was so proud of our Grand Champion win, and was crying so much, that I completely blew my next class!!! No worries, the next day, we still went on to win a NSBA Trophy (National Snaffle Bit Association) trophy in English Pleasure!

2007 Pinto Congress pic

I bring this up to say that gratitude and thankfulness has no boundaries, no limitations, and no endings. We have SO much to be thankful for, in our past, in our present, and in our future.
What are YOU most grateful for? Now, and in your past? We want to know!!
I share this story not only to remind you of how powerful an attitude of gratitude is, but also; many of you do not know the stellar show career that Viton had. If you have joined us for workshops or The Resonant Horse in the Round Horse Circles, you know him as an incredible Master Healer. Which he is. But, several years ago, 10 to be exact, he was healing in another manner. He was taking a middle aged woman to the top of her world, as she won the world. So, whether it is the past, the present or the future–we always, always, always have something to say “thank you” to.
Here at The Resonant Horse, we say THANK YOU to YOU!
You have impacted our lives, by being a part of the herd at The Resonant Horse. We are grateful to you, and we hope the horses will continue to inspire you to be the best you can be.
Our next horse circle is Sunday, November 26th, 3:00-4:30.
Our next one after that will be Saturday December 16th. 3:00 to 4:30. Dress warm! $25.00. Please join us!

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