Permission to NOT Struggle

Permission to NOT Struggle

“Once, many years ago, I emerged from the woods in the early morning at the end of a walk and-it was the most casual of moments-as I stepped from under the trees into the mild, pouring-down sunlight I experienced a sudden impact, a seizure of happiness. It was not the drowning sort of happiness, other the floating sort. I made no struggle towards it; it was given.”

I love this quote from Mary Oliver…It gives me permission to NOT struggle. It seems like there are so many things during our days where we have difficulties, we struggle, we have things said or left undone, or things which need to be done…Letting go of struggles seems elusive at best. And yet, at times, in small moments, grace shines through, and struggle dissipates. This photo, taken on a ride at Radnor, is the capture of a moment.


Entitled “Bliss” It is now an award winning photograph, courtesy of the “Small Acts of Bliss” Contest at Beauty, Art, Gifts and Decor Gallery in Newtown Square.
Just as we won a photo contest last month, with the Curious x Two photo, we once again find ourselves in the running for the “People’s Choice” award. SO…If you are local, and you have time, ANY TIME, to stop off at the Gallery to VOTE for “Bliss” as a People’s Choice…we would SO appreciate it!!!! The Gallery is a lovely gift shop-address is 3857 Providence Rd., Newtown Square, PA. Stop off any time between now and Saturday evening to vote!
The moments in your life when you do not struggle may not lead to a photo such as this, but they CAN lead us to an awareness that all grace and gifts in life are given to us. That is what grace is…a gift.
I find one of the best ways to appreciate and notice such gifting, such grace, is by pausing. Challenging to do during this season, when we are assaulted with stimulation overload. We must become the pause in the world. May you find time during your day to stop, hit the “reset” button, and allow your mind to drift towards gratitude and thankfulness. It is a good way to live! Know that we are are VERY grateful you are in our lives! The Resonant Horse could not exist if not for people like you! You are the gems in our lives!

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