The distinct sound of frozen manure being pitched into a wheelbarrow gives off a delightful “PING” sound. In the winter, I LIVE for that sound! Why is that? Because it signifies the end of the mud, and frozen ground means frozen manure, and it is so much easier and less time consuming to remove frozen manure than muddy manure! This is what the frozen “road apples” look like:

I know this quick tutorial in manure management may have not been what you were looking for in this blog…But bear with me a moment!!!  I wait all season for the ground to freeze enough so I can hear the precious “PING!” On the east coast, we have not had much of a winter, but we have had huge amounts of rain. So, a few days ago, when it was actually cold enough for the ground to freeze, I was so grateful!!  Yes, you have to watch out that you do not slip when the earth is frozen, But, you do not  have to worry about the miserable mud!!
I am continually reminded of how it is the little things which bring us to joy and gratitude. Mucking stalls and  paddocks is a labor of love, for sure. But, it is so much easier to be thankful when the “PING” is a part of the process! All you horse owners/manure managers know exactly what I mean! For those who are not horse owners, I am pretty sure you have something in your life which causes you to pause and breathe a sigh of gratefulness. 
I know the frozen ground will not last forever…in fact, it is already gone!! Yep, we are back to mud, for now. 
Being resilient and open are wonderful tools to pull out of your tool kit when the “PING” is no more. I have the horses to thank for teaching me that. 
It always comes back to the horses, which I love. THEY are the ones that make all the work worthwhile. Because of them, lives are changed Folks are being wooed towards freedom, love and clarity. 
We have PLENTY of time with the horses coming up these next few months. We are working on our Horse Circle schedule, as well as workshops, and speaking engagements. 
Currently, we have several exciting times of connection: 
Our Personal Development 101 Course is tailored to help you (along with the horses) to:
–Get unstuck from damaging thought patterns
–Set healthy boundaries
–Increase your gratitude quotient
–Gain tools for dealing with discomfort
–And many more tools!!
Our Birthing a Breakthrough: Returning Home to Your Heart Course is designed to facilitate a life altering breakthrough! Along with the horses, you will learn:
–How to turn you struggles and frustrations into your greatest gifts
–How to cultivate a life of presence and intention
–Give yourself  permission to allow your magnificence to SHINE!
–And much, much more!
Contact Mindy today to sign up for these 5 and  6 module courses!!
In addition, Mindy will be the keynote at:
New Hope Christian Church: All Day Ladies Retreat! Held at Black Rock Retreat Center, Quarryville, PA.
Saturday, April 25th, 9:00-5:00.
To register, contact Lorraine at: lorraine7evans@gmail.com
AND, on May 13, 2020, Mindy will be speaking at New Bolton Center, as a part of the Brass Ring Riding Club. 6:30-9:30pm. 
Join us if you can!!

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