Pressing the Pause Button!

Pressing the Pause Button!

As Featured in America’s Horse:
“In relation to mucking out a stall: ‘When you have a chore, a routine, mundane one, there is only one way for it to not be routine and mundane: to do that routine task with great love and care.'”
From Muck to Magnificence

Here in the northeast, we are in the midst of the second winter storm in one week! In addition to making for a LOT of physical work out here at the barn…There is another sensation, not quite as obvious, which transpires during times such as this.
Yes, it is inconvenient, yes, the snow messes up with our schedules. But, for me, at least, it offers something else.
A time to P-A-U-S-E.
That is right. Pause. Stop moving. SO much is out of our control when we have weather like this. How long does it take you to come to a place of acceptance, in regards to the storm? What else can you be drawn to during this time when so much-because of the storm-just stops? One of the ways I monitor my interior state is by seeing how things things out of my control bother me…Really get me to react. Here is a prime example, just from today!
I headed out to the barn, the storm in full swing. Time to feed the horses and get them settled with plenty of hay, bedding and warm water. Over the weekend, my barn maintenance director (SO grateful for her!) and I secured the aviary, so that the chickens could safely be under the canopy of netting. We secured what we could, and hoped the one cross beam, which was a bit old, would hold up. After we did our work, I wondered time and time again if it was going to hold during the storm. The storm began, and I wondered if it would hold. The snow came down with a ferocity, and I wondered. All night, I wondered.
And, when I headed out to feed in the morning, guess what?
I did not have to wonder anymore! Because it had indeed, fallen down! I actually chuckled…no more wasted energy about wondering, obsessing, concerned about its stability. I can check that thought out of my mind. Now, of course, what DOES enter my mind is how and when we will fix it. But, that is not even prominent in my mind, for I know nothing can be done until the weekend.
I am happy to say that no animals were harmed, all will be well. The chickens will stay in their hutch, or if I am out in the barn, they can be out, as well.
The point in all of this is to get to the place of acceptance, to return to a state of satiation, as the horses do. And they do that, again and again.
Pausing gives us the space and opportunity to do that. We have these opportunities all day…at least that is what I believe. Over and over again, we can press the reset button and self-regulate, just as the horses do. All the time. Such examples they are for us. And, you never know, within the pause may also come acceptance, as well as gratitude and love. Why… Just look at what America’s Horse (The largest member read Equine magazine in the WORLD!) quoted from my book, From Muck to Magnificence! (See sidebar).
Pausing helps us to view mundane things with new eyes. That is why it is so good to pause!!
So, stop, pause, enjoy the wonderful bounty of snow…and let gratitude guide your thoughts!
We are ALWAYS grateful for you, and are excited about some of the spring offerings soon to appear at The Resonant Horse. ONE, I cannot mention to you as of yet, but SOON, very soon!!
Our Resonant Horse in the Round Horse Circles will be resuming in the spring. They are always so popular! Along with the horses, we shall be offering a 12 week intensive program geared specifically towards personal change and freedom. AND, looks like I will be teaching a course at Main Line School Night…”How Horses Heal, Transform and Empower!” More details to come!!
And, I have not one, but two national radio show interviews, coming up at the end of the month!! So, lots going on, but you, yes YOU are the staple of what we do. We want the horses to change YOUR life!!! Let us know how we can be of service to you!!

-And remember: Awe is all around!
Sincerely, Mindy Tatz Chernoff

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