Reflect, Renew, Rejoice

Reflect, Renew, Rejoice

While this award winning photo was entitled “Bliss,” it aids me in thinking of possibilities. My good friend Carrie Brady actually calls her farm “Possibilities Farm.” What a great name!

Believing in what is possible is, in my mind paramount to what can be created. I remember  a quote in my book, “Before you can see a dream realized, you must have  the dream.” 
Now that I am settled in my new living space, I can reflect on what has occurred over the last 3 years or so. I had traveled through such a hard time, a place of unknown, and it was scary. Yes, I continued to trust the best I could, but it was still scary. I knew I was not alone, navigating life in the midst of a pandemic put all of us in similar places in one way or another.
Now that I have gone through the experience, I am reflecting on how the new farm has brought me to a place of joy and rejoicing.
People who have seen the farm for the first time have this to say about it:
“It is Magical!”
“There is so much peace here!”
“I like it better than the old barn!”  That comment certainly surprised me, as I certainly loved my old barn. However, dealing with the mud was challenging for me. Clearly, being there was for a season, and now I am in a new season. AND, I am LOVING IT!! I have gone completely minimalist, I now live in a tiny loft. The space is small, but perfect. The riding arena is spectacular, and my lesson program has increased quite a lot. The horses have a 16 acre pasture to frolic in, and to see them running and playing is a joy. 
Reflect, renew and rejoice…may you be brought to a place of seeing how the three “r’s” can speak to you!
 We, of course, always want to hear how YOU are doing! How can The Resonant Horse aid you and your family? Need to do a family/friends horse circle? Need to train your executive team to have  a greater focus on the Soft Skills of life? We can do that! Need to have Jack the turkey come to your child’s party? We can do that!!
Our next horse circle is THIS SATURDAY, May 22nd, form 2:00-3:30. It is the first circle at our new facility! Join us, it is going to are a special time!! A way to let go of the old, to embrace  the new, which is SO WONDERFUL!
As always, we appreciate your support of The Resonant Horse!

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